Is Lonzo Ball Worth it?

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – The season is now complete and the Philadelphia 76ers have landed with the fourth worst record in the NBA. 

Now fans can turn their attention to the highly anticipated NBA Lottery. On the bright side,the Sixers have an opportunity to grab the Lakers’ selection if the team does not fall within the top three picks. Now the question is… Where will they pick and more importantly WHO? 

Part 1: Lonzo Ball

If Philadelphia is lucky enough to be in the top three, they should put serious thought into taking UCLA standout Lonzo Ball. Yes, his father can cause headaches. Yes, his father stirs up trouble. However, his father is not the one on the court. 

Lonzo Ball
Lonzo Ball to Philly? 

Ball in my opinion was the best play-maker in the NCAA this season with incredible court awareness. He sees plays before they happen and can attack the rim with his 6’6″ frame. He is drawing comparisons to Jason Kidd, which is currently high praise.

Imagine the combination of Ball and Simmons in the backcourt. The experiment with Simmons running the point would no longer exist, but think of mismatches that would be in their favor.


  • Another face of the franchise type of player: A new big 3 with Ball, Simmons, & Embiid … and don’t forget about Dario Saric
  • Tremendous size playing the PG position for Brett Brown 
  • Winning the transition game with Ball and Simmons running in the open court
  • Provides open looks for teammates with passing ability 
  • Brings a winning attitude to a team looking to turn the page 
  • Instantly puts the squad into playoff contention in the Eastern Conference 


  • There certainly would be questions about who could knock down perimeter shots
  • Can Ball be consistent from beyond the arc with that odd type of shot? Simmons still has to prove he can stretch the floor
  • Will he be happy playing in Philadelphia? Will his father cause trouble? 
  • Would he fit in with the players on the team right now? 





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