Trade Scenarios for Okafor

By: David DiPasqua, Jr.

NEWTON SQUARE, PA. – The city of Philadelphia erupted when the Sixers landed the first overall pick in the upcoming 2016 NBA Draft. 

By the reaction, you would have thought they won the NBA Finals on May 17th. However, this fanbase will take anything positive at this rate. 

Trade Okafor to Boston? 

Philadelphia (10-72) had the highest percentage to obtain the top pick and were fortunate to have the ping pong balls go their way in the lottery. 

A big thank you to Dikembe Mutumbo for letting everybody know a few hours early! 

Securing the top selection was the first order of business for Bryan Colangelo, who is the president of basketball operations and general manager for the Sixers. 

Now the focus is whether to select Ben Simmons (LSU) or Brandon Ingram (Duke). For me, Simmons is the top player in this draft class for a variety of reasons. 

Simmons was already a face of a team, in addition to being the primary focus of defenses. He also an NBA body at 6’10” and 225 pounds, whereas Ingram has to add weight by being a generous 190. The point forward will be able to run the fast break as well. People say he can’t shoot, but look at LeBron James. He seems to be perfectly fine in the league. 

Take the best player available in the draft and figure it out. Ingram is a talented player with an outside shot, but the primary player on Duke’s squad this season was Grayson Allen. Simmons I believe is more of an immediate impact, compared to Ingram who might take a few more years to develop. There are going to be several pros and cons for both players, but they will both go 1 and 2 in the draft. 

Could possibly both Simmons & Ingram land in Philly? 

Now, after the first pick is where it gets interesting. Adding Simmons creates even more depth for a team that has stockpiled power forwards and centers. Most have Simmons playing the four or better known as power forward. Trade rumors have already spread like wildfire with Jahlil Okafor in the thick of it. 

Okafor was recently named to the 2015-16 NBA All-Rookie First Team, while also ranking second in points per game for rookies. The Duke product averaged 17.5 points, 7 rebounds, and 1.2 blocks per game. He has NBA All-Star written all over him, especially when it comes down to the center position. 

His footwork is absolutely tremendous for a 20-year-old that constantly dealt with double teams in the paint. Whenever he kicked the ball out, nobody on this roster could consistently knock down a perimeter shot. He’s still growing  into his body at 6’11” and 275 pounds. His shot will continue to develop farther out as well. 

The struggle is on the defensive end. Yes, he is not the best defender in the world. However, these are areas that can be taught. Not many players possess his ability to put the ball in the basket. I will gladly trade his offense for his lack of defense any day. 

The front-court now has Okafor, Simmons, Dario Šarić, Nerlens Noel, and Joel Embiid. It is not a given that Šarić is coming over this season. Second, Embiid has failed to prove that he can stay healthy or let alone get on the court. That leaves Okafor, Simmons, and Noel. 

Could it really happen? Paul George to Philadelphia

Brett Brown needs to make it work. Imagine this type of rotation of bigs every single game. There would constantly be a pair of bigs on the court that could give the opposition problems. Simmons can run the floor like a guard with great size. Okafor is instant offense in the paint. Šarić apparently has an outside shot to make him a stretch-four. Noel protects the rim and grabs boards. Embiid, well he can do it all when healthy (hopefully).

Each player offers something unique to the team. Pounding the paint for easy buckets is how the Sixers would beat-up teams. Why not go big with every single team electing to play “small ball” in the NBA?  

The only way you trade Okafor is if the deal is an offer that you can’t refuse in my opinion. 

Scenario 1Rebuild, grab guards 

Boston: Jahlil Okafor & Swaps Picks (Receives No. 24 & 26)

Philadelphia: No. 3 (Kris Dunn) & Swaps Picks for No. 16 & 23

  • No. 16 (Malachi Richardson) & 23 (Tyler Ulis) 

Scenario 2Trade to win now 

Indiana:  Jahlil Okafor, 2017 1st Round pick, 2017 Lakers (Top 3 protected) 1st Round pick 

Philadelphia: Paul George

Scenario 3: Trade for the future, landing Simmons & Ingram 

Los Angeles: Jahlil Okafor

Philadelphia: No. 2 pick (Brandon Ingram) 

Trade Scenario: Jabari Parker

By: David DiPasqua, Jr. 

In the NBA today, any player is available for the right price. 

With that in mind, remember the amount of assets the Philadelphia 76ers have at their disposal. Nobody is off limits as anything is possible with the trade deadline approaching. 

The trade scenario today is centered around the Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker. It is highly unlikely the Bucks would trade such a talented player at the age of 20, especially if you saw his windmill dunk in the Rising Stars Challenge Friday night. 

However, it appears the face of the Bucks’ franchise is now entered around Giannis Antetokounmpo. The 21 year old is putting up 15.9 points to go along with 7.1 rebounds. 

Parker’s windmill dunk Friday night 

It would take a huge haul in order to get this done, yet the Bucks may look to acquire more assets. It would not be the first time the Bucks have dealt with the Sixers.

Sam Hinkie pulled the trigger on sending Michael Carter-Williams to the Bucks in exchange for the top three protected pick from the Lakers nearly a year ago. 

Fast forward to now, Carter-Williams is coming off the bench with fellow teammate Greg Monroe. The Milwaukee Bucks are spiraling off of control, posting the third worst record in the Eastern Conference (22-32). Maybe the Bucks could rebuild quickly. 

Carter-Williams has yet to figure out how to put the ball in the rim. He simply can’t shoot. Rumors have the former Sixer possibly heading to New York with their point guard issues. 

Monroe on the other hand has been placed on the trading block after signing a three year, $50 million dollar contract this off-season. This could be where the Sixers become involved, considering the big salary number. 

Trade Scenario with Bucks 

Bucks: Nerlens Noel, Lakers Top 3 Protected Pick, & Thunder Pick 

  • Noel provides rim protection and even more athleticism in the paint 
  •  Return the high pick to add value and more depth 

Sixers: Jabari Parker

  • Parker adds another scorer and wing to go along with Okafor 

Possible 3 Team Deals 

Bulls/Rockets: Looking to possibly make a splash with Dwight Howard. Would most likely give up Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, and possible draft picks. Could find a way to help push this along to add a possible veteran or pick. 

Celtics/Cavs: Only rumors right now, but it has been mentioned a blockbuster trade could go down. Kevin Love or Carmelo Anthony heads to Boston. Boston has more than enough to land a star player. Don’t think the Sixers could be in play, but you never know.

The Sixers need to be patient and see how things unfold. Jerry Colangelo knows what he is doing and hopefully make the losing stop at the beginning of the 2016-2017 season. 

Parker can certainly stretch the floor for this team with Okafor in the post. There’s an obvious Duke and Chicago connection between Okafor and Parker. Both played under coach Mike Krzyzewski at Duke and provide qualities such as toughness and discipline to the roster. 

There are only a handful of veterans on this roster, yet Parker and Okafor could learn how to win together. 

The Sixers would still have to figure out their guard situation, but could be set for years to come if this occurs. Anything is possible for the right price. 

The combination of Okafor, Parker, Embiid, Dario Šarić, and possibly Ben Simmons has the makings of a true contender. A plethora of wings to go with a pair of big men means next season could be a shot at a playoff push. 

Currently, Parker is contributing 11. 3 points and 4.7 boards for the Bucks. 

Sixers’ Mock Draft 1.0

By: David DiPasqua, Jr. 

Two decades ago, the Philadelphia 76ers’ selected Allen Iverson with the first overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft. 

Iverson brought excitement, energy, and a winning attitude to the City of Brotherly Love. 

Australian connection with Sixers’ head coach Brett Brown 

Trusting “the process” has gone on long enough and this franchise must cash-in on the first selection in this year’s 2016 Draft at all costs. Fans are desperate for another icon who can take this squad to new heights.

That icon’s name is freshman, Ben Simmons out of LSU. 

Simmons can do it all, considering his 6’10” stature and supreme athletic ability. In summary, this kid will put fans in the stands and give them something to cheer about. The freshman averages 19.5 points, 12.5 boards, and 5 assists. He’s the type of kid who can change a franchise, just ask Magic Johnson. 

Stockpiling draft picks was clearly an objective that Sam Hinkie had in mind. However, the assets are useless unless you find a franchise player. 

The first step is winning the NBA lottery for the first time since 1996 and taking Simmons. If all goes right, the Sixers can potentially have four selections. The odds are not in Philadelphia’s favor, but anything can happen: 

The first is a no-brainer with the the No. 1 pick: Ben Simmons 

Lakers slip to No. 4: PG, Kris Dunn, Providence 

  • This is the best case scenario for the Sixers, especially with multiple options at their disposal. Obtaining a talented guard is next on the wish list. 
  • Provides experience (Jr.) and size (6’4″) at the point guard position. 
  • Explosive first step to the hoop. Knocks down big shots when needed.
  • Elite defender that will translate to the next level. 
  • Can see him being a star in the league. 

Plan BSG, Buddy Hield, Oklahoma

  • Hield is another option if Dunn is off the board. Hield provides tremendous shooting ability to a team that desperate lacks anything from behind the arc.
  • Can clearly shoot the lights out and instantly help this squad out by making teams pay by double-teaming Jahlil Okafor in the post. 
  • Best player (outside of Simmons) and shooter in the NCAA this year, which is why Oklahoma is one of the best teams in the country. 
  • Provides senior leadership and is 6’4″ as well. 
  • One area of improvement is his ability to go off the dribble. 
  • Can’t go wrong with either Dunn or Hield in this situation. 

Heat’s Pick- No. 15-20 Range 

Mid-round pick: SG/SF, Denzel Valentine, Michigan State 

  • Instantly brings a pair of elements that this team desires, leadership and shooting. 
  • Another Tom Izzo type of player as Valentine gives everything he has on the court with his fearless style of play.
  • Another senior who has a winning track record during his time at MSU with experience who can instantly be plugged into the lineup. 
  • Good vision, touch from the perimeter, and versatility. 
  • He’s not the tallest at (6’6″), fastest, or strongest. Think Draymond Green

Thunder’s Pick- No. 25-30 Range 

Late-round pick: SG, Wayne Selden, Kansas

  • To be honest, I see the Sixers electing to trade this pick for a variety of different reasons or selecting another “stash” player over in Europe. 
  • However, Selden has a vast amount of potential and could possibly be a steal here late in the first round if he can put it all together. 
  • Was a McDonald’s All-American with Joel Embiid at Kansas. 
  • Has all the tools: Size (6’5″), Wingspan (6’10”), and Weight (230 pounds)
  • Capable of being a lockdown defender.
  • Hit or miss offensively, but has room to improve. 


1. Sixers receive the Los Angeles Lakers’ first round pick if they don’t fall in Top 3

  • Currently, 11-41 record: This will be a race to the finish for freshman phenom Ben Simmons, keep your fingers crossed and hope they slip to number four.

2. Sixers receive the Miami Heat’s first round pick if they don’t fall in Top 10

  • Currently, 28-22 record: It appears the Sixers will acquire this selection. 

3. Sixers receive the Oklahoma City Thunder’s first round pick if not in Top 15

  • Unless something drastic occurs, this is a guaranteed draft pick. 

Remember, nothing is set in stone. These are all “what-if” scenarios. 

The 2016 NBA Draft Lottery will occur on May 17th, while the draft is set to take place on June 23rd. 




Pilot Podcast

The pilot podcast consist of analysis regarding Philadelphia sports, applying some insight and commentary on the current situation teams are in. 

Provided below is the podcast, created by my brother and I during the week of November 23rd. 



  • Eagles: 1:47-9:18
  • Sixers/Ben Simmonds: 9:20-15:37
  • Phillies: 15:38-Finish

For my final project in a journalism course, we had to create a podcast. Originally I had video streaming overtop the podcast, but I did not have the rights to the visual content. 

Is D’Angelo Russell the Answer?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania –  This Tuesday means election day for most individuals in the Philadelphia area, but for Sixers’ fans it is the date that has been circled all season.

The future hangs in the balance for several teams

Ping-pong balls will determine the NBA landscape for years to come as the lottery is crucial for teams such as the Minnesota Timberwolves, New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, and even the highly decorated Los Angeles Lakers.

Luckily, the Cleveland Cavaliers are denied the first overall pick this year as LeBron James returned home to be the hero once again.

For the Sixers sake, they are hoping that Nerlens Noel brings them good fortune as he will be representing the squad on lottery night in New York City.The future hangs in the balance as 76ers General Manager Sam Hinkie has made the NBA draft the focal point of the rebuilding process.

Right now the Sixers have the best odds to land the third overall pick with a 15.56 percent chance, while the Timberwolves and Knicks are ahead of them.

Pay special attention as there are restrictions in regards to several of the picks, in addition to a plethora of second round picks that Hinkie can stash away.

The Lakers pick is top-five protected, which seriously hurts their odds at obtaining the pick this year. It is more likely the benefits of the Michael Carter-Williams trade will occur in 2016. Miami’s selection is top-10 protected and unless some miracle occurs the Sixers will have to wait another year for this pick as well. Lastly, the Oklahoma Thunder pick is already locked-up at No. 14 and Philadelphia will yet again wait til next season.

Basically the Sixers will be left with their own pick, but there is talent at the top of this 2015 draft class.

Is there a better fit for the Philadelphia Sixers than D’Angelo Russell? The Ohio State product can be the guard coach Brown has been seeking as Russell can do it all.

Is D’Angelo Russell the best fit for the Sixers ?

The 6’5″ silky smooth guard will be the first back-court player taken off the board, especially in a guard driven league. Stopping Russell from potentially being the top pick are a pair of franchise changing centers in Duke’s Jahlil Okafor and Kentucky’s Karl-Anthony Towns.

In desperate need of a guard, Russell seems like the perfect match for the Sixers. Fans would instantly fall in love with his ability to get buckets.

During his one season at Ohio State, Russell averaged 19.3 points, 5.7 boards, and 5 assists for the Buckeyes in a tough Big 10 conference. 

The combo guard has unbelievable vision on the court, in addition to his leadership as a floor general. An additional bonus is Russell’s length at the guard position as it causes havoc for the opposition by being able to get his hands into the passing lanes. This could be a match-up nightmare as his versatility can help out on both ends of the court.

Russell can be the play-maker the crowd can get behind as he will find Joel Embiid and Noel for open looks. 

Between these pair of big-men, there is a highly probability that the offense will run through pick-and-rolls. Noel will have the luxury of diving to the hoop, while I imagine Embiid will spot-up for his jumper. Spacing is essential, considering the offensive troubles the team had this season. Russell will be in complete control, while enjoying the twin towers controlling the paint.

Would you rather have the guard or big men?

Granted, the roster is still a work in progress. There were a few nice surprises this season, including Robert Covington who averaged 13.5 points and 4.5 rebounds. The small forward’s ability to stretch the floor has landed him a roster position as he shot 37.4% from downtown. It is crucial to have another threat from the outside, especially on kick-outs from the paint.

The backcourt of Russell and Tony Wroten would be an interesting combination as the two players are extremely young. Wroten only played in 30 games last season, but showed vast improvement with 16.9 points and 5 assists per game. This would allow Russell to bounce between the point and shooting guard, since Wroten could show him the ropes and see where he feels most comfortable. 

Transitioning to the NBA game can be difficult, but nobody is expecting the Sixers to contend next season. There will be growing pains.

Russell can be a fan favorite who can draw a crowd in Philadelphia at the age of 19! 

Taking Russell makes all the sense in the world, but it will all depend on Hinkie and the ping-pong balls. 

Be sure to tune into the NBA lottery on Tuesday night. 

Jahlil Okafor is a Must for Sixers

David DiPasqua, Jr., Sunday, January 25th, 2015

In a year revolved around rebuilding and second round draft picks, the Philadelphia 76ers are in need of a “superstar” player. The NBA today is currently surrounded by talented players, such as LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry.

For the Sixers, the upcoming NBA Draft lottery is going to determine how the future of basketball in Philadelphia will unfold. Freshman phenom, Jahlil Okafor is a can’t miss project who will most likely be selected as the first overall pick in the draft. Do you know the last time the Sixers had the first overall pick? Well, it was in 1996 when the Philadelphia 76ers took Allen Iverson out of Georgetown University (Safe to say that panned out). 

In a league dominated by talented guards, the recipe for success remains in the paint with skilled big-men. When was the last time the Sixers had a true center… Mutombo? (Finger wag…No-No-No) 

Okafor is a must for the Sixers’ franchise to turn around

Okafor can be the next skilled post player that can control the paint, alongside Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel. His ability to hit the open man is uncanny, spreading the floor for a team that desperately needs help in that department. Watching his games for Duke, Okafor’s size and skill-set showcases a “NBA Ready” candidate.

He easily palms the ball without any issues , in addition to a variety of low post moves in his arsenal. There are rarely any mistakes with him, which makes coach Krzyzewski very happy. One scary thought is that he is still growing into his body, gaining experience with every game he participates in for Duke.

The majority of my planning assumes that Embiid will be healthy for training camp next season. Embiid’s style of play can help spread the floor, since his game is more finesse. His jump shot can compliment Okafor in the post, allowing him to work down low. Embiid is better facing the bucket, compared to Okafor who is a back to the basket type of player. Noel on the other hand needs to improve his offensive skill-set, but his defensive presence is already starting to make a presence. Everyone on the roster can help each other grow, learning together in Brown’s system.

Defensively, the three players of Okafor (6’11”), Noel (6’11”), and Embiid (7′) would be a nightmare for opponents. The size and athleticism forces the opposition to be able to shoot from the outside. Realistically, the trio would not see the floor at the same time. 

Adding Okafor to this young nucleus can make an impact in the Eastern Conference (L-R: Embiid, Noel, MCW)

The combination of Okafor and Embiid would start, allowing Noel to be the sixth man in case of foul trouble. Depth plays a significant role in a long 82 game season, especially for big men.

The race for Okafor has begun, since the New York Knicks have altered their plans by trading away J.R. Smith and Iman Shumpert. After the all-star break, it will be a race to the finish between a handful of teams with aspirations to select the Duke product.

The average age of the Sixers is currently 23.5 years old, which is skewed due to Jason Richardson (34) still being on the roster even though he has barely played in the past two seasons.

For coach Brown, Okafor could be the key ingredient in turning this franchise around. There has been a learning curve for both the players and coaching staff, but one player can be the difference in the NBA.

In addition to Okafor, the Sixers are in desperate need of perimeter shooting. As previously mentioned, Okafor has tremendous vision to find open players, especially coming out of double-teams. Acquiring shooters should be on the to-do list.

Looking ahead to the 2015 Free Agent class, here are five names that the Sixers should take a look at acquiring with about $20 million dollars in salary cap space. 

1. Jimmy Butler (Restricted)

  • Tough and physical shooting guard, who is only 25 years old
  • Shooting about 35% from behind the arc
  • Significant upgrade to help Michael Carter-Williams’ development
  • Won’t have to force shots, currently averaging 20.5 PPG this season
  • My strategy: Out bid the Bulls, due to their cap restrictions

2. Danny Green (Unrestricted)

  • Shooting 40% from downtown
  • Helps stretch the floor
  • Championship mentality
  • Strategy: Possible Brown connection to lure him away

3. Draymond Green (Restricted)

  • Defensive presence
  • Improves roster, with a high IQ
  • Golden State will have to let someone go

4. Kawhi Leonard (Restricted)

  • Most likely won’t happen
  • Provides a face of the franchise, along with a winning attitude
  • Hope there is a Brown connection
  • Strategy: Outrageously outbid teams to acquire the young star

5. Wesley Matthews (Unrestricted)

  • 16.5 PPG for the Trail Blazers
  • Sharpshooter, 40% from 3pt range
  • Possible to acquire for the right price

76ers Mock Draft

David DiPasqua, Jr., Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

The NBA draft is the event that the Sixers and their fans have been waiting for all season. Rebuilding a franchise is never an easy task, but GM Sam Hinkie has shown that he wants to build through the draft. Hinkie’s decision to draft Michael Carter-Williams with the 11th overall pick was the steal of the draft. Nerlens Noel is finally healthy after sitting out the entire season from his torn ACL.

Now for the 2014 NBA draft

With a total of 6 picks in this draft, expect the Sixers to be listening to offers throughout the night. Provided below are if the Sixers stay at the picks they have, which I highly doubt will happen.

Picks: 3, 10, 32, 39, 47, 52, 54

No. 3: Joel Embiid, Kansas 

If the Sixers do NOT trade up for Wiggins, then they will stay where they are.

There are 3 franchise players in this draft, so the Sixers will take whoever falls to them. This may not be the most popular pick, due to his variety of injuries after the whole Bynum fiasco. Embiid is a project, but his upside is remarkable being a true 7 footer. He has the size, speed, and athleticism to make him a standout with a young core of players. His potential is something Hinkie covets, which is why he should consider sitting Embiid out for the season to get healthy (Similar to Noel).  Brown can teach both Embiid and Noel how to play together, creating a big man combination that could potentially be the best in the league. This pick is for the future, since the Sixers are not in win now mode.

No. 10: Zach LaVine, UCLA 

With Embiid being selected at 3, it’s time to give MCW some firepower from the outside. Most likely, the best player with the most upside might be their approach. LaVine is a combo guard who matches Brown’s run and gun style. His athletic ability is off the charts, especially when in transition. Could be an interesting piece that plays alongside Williams. Still has much to learn, but is a lottery pick with his potential. Doug McDermott or Nik Stauskas are viable options who can shoot the ball, but LaVine seems like the type of player Hinkie would go after.

Alternative: Julius Randle, Kentucky

Rumors have indicated that Julius Randle has been slipping due to his recent foot surgery. Why not select Randle if he falls to 10? You can never have enough big men in the NBA, especially when the Sixers need to add depth. Thad Young can help Randle adapt to the NBA by only being a left-handed player.  If Randle slips to 10, the Sixers should not hesitate to select him.

The 2nd Round

The second round should be based off of who is the best available player that could make an impact off of the bench, has experience, and played at a big time program.

The second round is extremely tricky, but these are the types of players who can turn around a franchise. I fully expect the Sixers to trade back into the first round for a player like Cleanthony Early or Adreian Payne. Both are experienced players who graduated from their universities.

No. 32: Markel Brown, Oklahoma State 

Shooting guard who can put the ball in the net, while also having freakish athleticism.

No. 39: DeAndre Daniels, UConn

Major contributor that helped UConn win the National Championship. Daniels has a nice shot from the outside and could be a match-up problem.

No. 47: CJ Fair, Syracuse 

Fair would reunite with Williams who played at Syracuse.

No. 52: Russ Smith, Louisville 

Talented scorer with championship experience that matches the up-tempo style that Brown desires.

No. 54: Patric Young, Florida 

Obtain some toughness and size at the end of the draft. Young could be a rotation player that immediately helps out.

All player comparisons are courtesy of

76ers Click Reset Button

Posted by David DiPasqua, Jr., Thursday, July 11th, 2013

It is safe to say that the Philadelphia 76ers are in a rebuilding stage, when on draft night they traded their franchise player PG Jrue Holiday to the New Orleans Pelicans. This trade is the first significant move new GM Sam Hinkie has made.

I guess we will have a new best player next year

I would like to ask: WHAT IS THIS GUY THINKING!?

I know we are supposed to give the new guy a chance, but his first move is to trade a 23 year old all-star away? He was the leader of the team that averaged 17.7 points and 8 assists last year. Hinkie does move Holiday’s $41 million contract, but that’s a steal compared to other players in the league. Holiday was a rising star in this league, too bad it won’t be with the team who drafted him now. The face of the franchise is now gone… good luck trying to sell tickets this season. On the bright side, they are probably the team that has the best odds for the lottery next year.

Moving on….

The team was 34-48 last year, but mainly due to the absence of Andrew Bynum. Bynum didn’t play a single minute and will go down as one of the biggest flops in Philadelphia sports history. The only thing that helps here is that Bynum is now in Cleveland and his salary is no longer on the books. Enough said about Bynum.

This new Sixers team will be instilled with youth at all possible positions. In return for the only all-star the 76ers had they received New Orleans’ 2014 first-round pick (Protected) and the rights to Kentucky’s Nerlens Noel. Noel was considered by many analysts to be an impact player in the NBA. The 6-foot-10 big man fell to No. 6 and GM Hinkie saw this as a great opportunity.

Kentucky Stats: 10.5 points and 9.5 rebounds, and 106 blocks

I seriously can’t believe this move… He is listed at 228 pounds, come on! The guy is a complete stick figure and will be pushed around in the post. Not to mention that he probably won’t play until January. Noel was the talk of the draft because of a torn anterior cruciate ligament. If there was one player I didn’t want the 76ers to draft, it was Noel. I know he’s all young and “filled with potential,” however there is no guarantee in this league that Noel will be able to hang down low with the big men in this league. Noel was pure athleticism and the 76ers better make sure he is 100% healthy. He can be a defensive stopper in this league, but needs to prove he can consistently score the ball.

Wait and see approach for Noel

Then they moved on and drafted with their own pick at No. 11 guard Michael Carter-Williams from Syracuse. In order to replace Holiday, the Sixers had to draft someone who could handle the ball. I don’t mind the move to select MCW. He’s an athletic young PG who could be a nice acquisition. Standing at 6-6, he has great size at the PG position. His true talent is taking the ball strong to the rim, but struggles with his jumper and outside game. He has briefly shown in the summer league how much he does indeed struggle shooting from the field. It sort of reminds me of Russell Westbrook when he was coming out of UCLA. He is not Westbrook’s athleticism by any means, but there are similarities. The problem is that he still has much to learn and needs to grow up quickly. He will be asked to take control of this team and will most likely start from day one. 

To make a long story short

  • 76ers restart by trading their best player away for an injured rookie
  • Still don’t have a coach
  • Rebuilding/ Looking forward to the lottery next year
  • Might be a fun team to watch, never know with a bunch of young players



76ers Draft Prospects

Posted by David DiPasqua, Jr., Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Here are a few names that the Philadelphia 76ers should consider come draft night:

Alex Len, C.J. McCollum, Trey Burke, Tim Hardaway Jr

The No. 1 priority should be a big or a shooter for this team in the draft.

The 76ers need a big and Len brings that to this team with a 7’1, 255 pound frame.

A big like Len solves many problems

Rumors have him potentially going #1 to the Cavs, but that’s not going to happen.

Most likely a Top 5 pick in my mind, however anything can happen.

He’s a raw player, but has the potential to be a great player on both ends of the court.

Needs to be taught, but can make a serious impact on this team if Bynum returns.

Hawes has the outside shot, Bynum has the low-post, while Len can learn from both.  

76ers Draft Review

This draft class was chalk full of talented NBA prospects, compared to previous drafts.

In this specific draft, the 76ers were expected to select a big man that could either fill the “soon to be” vacancy of Elton Brand and/or Spencer Hawes.

In sort of a surprise move, the Philadelphia 76ers took Moe Harkless from St. John’s University.

The 76ers had one of the best drafts in the league

Harkless is  a 6-foot-8, 208-pound small forward, who is a silky smooth big man who will play on the wing.

Has the potential to be a game changer on both ends of the court (only 19 years old) and can be that spark plug this team has been looking for.

Big East Rookie of the year last season averaging 15.5 PPG 8.6 RPG, and 1.4 APG

Coach Collins: We were thrilled. As the draft was unfolding, we had Maurice  targeted as our No. 1 guy based on how we thought it was going to shake out. And  if he had not been there, we were going to take Arnett.”

In my 2012 NBA Mock Draft, I had Moe Harkless as the most underrated player in this entire draft, but didn’t think he would be chosen at #15.

With Tyler Zeller among others still on the board, why would the Sixers select another swingman?

The 76ers were aggressive in their quest for a big man that could control the post, but could also knock down the jumper.

Mississippi State forward Arnett Moultrie slipped to the 27th pick in the draft and didn’t hesitate to try and grab the talented big man.

He is a 6-11 power forward, weighing only 230 pounds however. He needs to bulk up in weight in order to crash the boards consistently.

Harkless may have sealed Iguodala’s fate in Philly

Moultrie averaged 16.4 PPG and 10.5 RPG as a junior in his only year at Mississippi State.

He did however spend his first two seasaons at Texas-El Paso…

Coach Collins: “Arnett (#27), to me, in five minutes separated himself from all . . . of those guys,  just watching him work out. References:  John Henson (the  14th overall pick), Tyler Zeller (17), Terrence Jones (18), and Andrew  Nicholson (19).”

Very high praise from the coach, however I believe Zeller will be a great contributer in the league. I think that Henson will be a bust, Jones can contribute a little bit off the bench. Nicholson has a great motor and can be a starter for the Magic.

Not looking at the past, his numbers this season were fantastic coming first in rebounding in the SEC and  in 2nd in the SEC in scoring behind #1 overall pick (PF) Anthony Davis.

He appears motivated to play and has a chance to make a name for himself in Philadelphia if he can up to his potential.

The deal costs them a second-round pick and a future first-rounder to the Miami Heat for the rights to Moultrie.

It wasn’t a bad move considering that he slipped all the way down to 27, but will he start or be a role player like Nic Vucevic?

Only time will tell, but Moultrie brings size and athleticism to a team that desperately needed it.

Arnett Moultrie had everything the 76ers wanted

In time I think he can servicable big man that can be compared to Jermaine O’Neal (All-Star at one time).

Team president and GM Rod Thorn: “He’s athletic. He’s a good rebounder. He’s got a good jump shot. He should be very good for us,  and we’re very happy to have him. We needed a big, and we think we got an  outstanding big player.”

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The 76ers have a great chance to acquire one of the most skilled big men in the league, Pau Gasol .

Bottom Line: There are plenty moves to come with this young franchise. For example, the draft has pretty much proven that that the team will amnesty veteran PF Elton Brand to make room for the rookie Moultrie and how will the rotation work with Harkless now in the mix if Iguodala stays? Overall, this draft gave them a young scorer and an athletic big man who can help right away. The 76ers had one of the best drafts in the league.

Grade: A-